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About Us

Belair Travel & Cargo is highly experienced and reputable travel company based in India, with Global presence with comprehensive range of Travel services, offering Online International & Domestic, LCC Flights & Hotels. Belair, the only ‘IATA Go Global Accredited Travel Company in India’ and with USA ARC Specialist Certification, committed to high standards of professionalism, to provide excellent service.

Belair Travel has established offices at several key locations around the World, including London, UAE, New York, Singapore, and South Africa. Global presence allows us to offer a comprehensive range of Travel services, expanding their offices to many more countries is a promising sign of continued growth and success.

With over 50 years of experience in the travel trade, Belair has deep understanding of the industry and have established themselves as leading player and with experience as General Sales Agent for Lufthansa German Airline, demonstrates their expertise and knowledge.

Belair’s team of Travel experts, web technocrats, and other professionals with 25 to 35 years of experience, further reinforces their commitment to providing ‘top-quality’ customer service. Their recognition as “The Best Performance Agency” by all LCC, Domestic and International Airlines, as well as by IATA, is a testament to their success in the industry.
Belair has ambitious goals for the future, with a vision to be recognized among the top 10 travel companies globally. With track record of success and dedication to excellence, they could achieve their goal in the years to come.

"Global Online Travel, Endless Smiles: Touching Millions of Passengers' Lives"

Unbeatable lowest Air fares on over 200+ Domestic, International, and low-cost carriers (LCC), Airline. Our booking platform allows hassle-free flight search, comparison, and booking.
Discounted tariff from a large range of over 25000+ luxury and budget Hotels in India and worldwide.
Select from over 1,700 world’s leading car rental brands at global locations, to offering the top choice for global car rental needs.


Insure your Travel Insurance with lowest and customized Country specific plans, catering to all requirements of Travelers worry-free.
Offering Visa facilitation services online with country-specific information, E-Forms, guidance for Visa applications endorsement process.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the largest online travel portal for travel agents in India & abroad offering reliable, high quality travel services, empowering our partner and affiliates to become Travel agents and earn large commissions.